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White Nylon drop-down rail with leg, Ø 32mm, L. 850mm
ref. 5170N

Drop down bar Ø 32mm with leg, for people with reduced material.
Bright white HR Nylon.
In the lowered position use as a grab bar, as a support for standing up and for assisting movement, for WCs or showers.
Allows side access in the raised position.
NylonClean anti-bacterial treatment: optimal protection against bacterial development.
With automatic folding leg. To be used as reinforcement when the wall fixing alone is insufficient.
Leg height can be adjusted from 760 - 780mm.
Retained in upright position. Slowed down descent.
Suitable for intensive use in public places or the healthcare sector.
High-strength polyamide (Nylon) and polymer: with 2mm reinforced steel core treated against corrosion.
Uniform non-porous surface for easy maintenance and hygiene.
Good resistance to chemical products and cleaning. Anti-UV treatment.
Warm to the touch.
Fixings, secured to wall by a 4mm thick 304 stainless steel plate, concealed by cover plate.
Supplied with stainless steel screws for concrete walls.
Dimensions: 850 x 230 x 105mm.
Tested to over 200kg. Maximum recommended user weight 135kg.
10-year warranty. CE marked.


  • NylonClean anti-bacterial treatment

  • Tested to over 200kg

  • HR Nylon: smooth surface, easy to clean

  • Withstands chemical products and cleaning

Технические характеристики

Технические характеристики

White Nylon drop-down rail with leg, Ø 32mm, L. 850mm
Арт. 5170N

Высота 800mm, Drop-down rail from 760 to 780mm
Длина 850mm
Ширина 105mm
Толщина Nylon: 3.5mm; Steel: 2mm
Покрытие Bright white anti-bacterial HR Nylon
НОРМЫ И СЕРТИФИКАЦИЯ Европейская сертификация CE

Материалы для скачивания

Материалы для скачивания

White Nylon drop-down rail with leg, Ø 32mm, L. 850mm
ref. 5170N

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